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Checkology Modules for Grade 6 / Courses suggestion by grade  

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I am a secondary school librarian and would like to start teaching News Literacy through Checkology. I have the opportunity to prototype the platform with a class in Grade 6.

Does anyone have experience with Checkology modules with Grade 6 students? I would like to create a course for them including:

  • What is News 
  • Info Zone 
  • Introduction to Algorithms

but wonder about the difficulty and attention required. Are these modules age-appropriate for G6? 

Also, do you have any suggestions for courses/module series designed by grade level that could be spread over several years?

I feel needing assistance to develop a scaffolding approach that is not overwhelming for the students

Many thanks in advance


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Jordan Maze, NLP
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Hi Pascale, 

I'm Jordan from NLP, and while we wait for advice from other educators here, I do have a few things to add: 

  • IMO, the lessons you've identified are absolutely perfect for sixth graders. I would suggest starting with InfoZones, then What is News? and then Introduction to Algorithms. Checkology has exercises to reinforce concepts from InfoZones and What is News? that you can insert into your course sequence. 
  • We're always adding preset courses to Checkology. These can be a good starting place for designing multi-year experiences.
  • In case you haven't seen them yet, here are our comprehensive lesson guides for each of the 14 lessons on Checkology. You can use these to learn about each lesson's difficulty level, estimated time on platform, background, essential questions, and more. Also, you'll have access to a full text version of each lesson ("Full lesson guide") with assessment questions, in case you would rather read a teacher-facing version of the lesson than preview the live version on Checkology.

Looking forward to hearing advice from other Grade 6 educators here! 

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@jmaze Thank you Jordan. It is really helpful.

Now, is there a way to skip the pre-assessment on the student side and start immediately with InfoZones? I don't have time allocated for the preassessment, which is also pretty difficult for G6.


Kim Bowman
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Hi Pascale! I'm Kim, Jordan's colleague at NLP. You can update the pre/post assessment settings by clicking on "Edit" next to "Class settings" on your class tile. In the "Open advanced settings" tab, you will see an option to adjust the pre/post assessment setting. Here's our Help Center article all about this setting for more info.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions about class settings.

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Hi Pascale.  I'm using the Checkology 101 preset course with 7th graders at the moment. Other than the module on the 1st Amendment and the module on conspiratorial thinking, I don't think my 6th graders would have any trouble with attention span and/or content.  I definitely suggest completing the modules yourself before having the students try it... that would be a great chance for you to see if there is content or learning goals that might be outside the norm for your 6th grade community. Needless to say, it's a good idea to follow up any module with some class convo so students can share new knowledge, and ask questions about anything they were confused by, or things they don't agree with.

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