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English for New Immigrants (Calling all ESL instructors)  

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Hello!  I asked NLP about this previously but don't believe I received clear guidance.  I teach English to speakers of other languages.  These are intermediate learners so lessons are not unlike teaching basic concepts to maybe 6th Graders or middle-school students, in terms of what the lessons look like and how students are able to respond (even though they are older).  I would argue that English learners from immigrant populations are a critical group of learners to focus on, given various barriers and vulnerabilities (new culture, new language, new government structure, more exposure to social media in many cases, etc.).

Please share some specific tools on NLP you have used successfully with your ESL learners.  Thank you!

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Hi there! We are working on developing more resources for upper elementary students (native speakers). Two of these resources should be up on our website in the next couple of days. I'll post a link once they're available. ELL/ESL resources are on our list of projects to complete. 

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