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Hi everyone. I'm working my way through NLP's virtual classroom tools, and these are great! I would love to do more with news literacy at my university. Most of my academic background has been in academic health sciences, so we've helped future professionals understand the challenges of low health literacy rates. Since COVID and with my background in academic health sciences, I've been thinking more about health literacy, and particularly health news literacy. NLP's information is applicable to health news literacy, but the focus is more on the importance of news literacy and democracy. It's my understanding that NLP is working to address this, but in the meantime, I'm wondering if others are addressing this topic either with NLP tools or with other tools. Thanks for any info!

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What a great question, thank you for asking! We are always brainstorming various ways to insert news literacy takeaways into various topics and subjects. This also means we love educator feedback and suggestions, so keep them coming!

While our Education Team is working on developing new resources related to your question, I want to also make sure everyone knows they  can invite a journalist - as an example, one that reports on health or science - to speak with students (virtually or in-person). To access our Newsroom to Classroom program, log into Checkology and you'll see it in the navigation bar.

We also have a few articles related to health / science.

  • An article on improving science education through news literacy.
  • An article on how science and reporting have more in common than students think. 
  • Another on how to interpret data related to COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness.

More coming soon!

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@mromais Thank you!

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