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How do you introduce, use, and reinforce the Check Center tool?  

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I have been using checkology for two years now in our Civics course, and I'm wondering how other teachers use the Check Center tool. We haven't used it in our curriculum yet, as I don't know exactly how to scaffold the use of it by students. What do you do?


Thanks for your help and advice!

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Pamela Brunskill
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Hi! I'd start with the Toolbox and have students practice each of those skills first, especially reverse image search and lateral reading. These are crucial skills both for use in the Check Center and with the Missions. In terms of scaffolding actual Quick Checks, I'd plan to model how to check an article, image, or video you're unsure of in front of the students, and have the students practice with another one you know the answer to (maybe use some of the VRR from the Sift?). As students' confidence grows, challenge them to try checking on their own or even to challenge each other!

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