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How to use The Sift Newsletter?  

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Can anyone explain how they use The Sift newsletter from the News Literacy Project? I'm having a hard time find the original picture/source without the tag on it for whether it is false/correct. I would like to have students do some of the critical thinking about the picture/source before revealing whether it is misleading or not. Any advice from other educators?

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Hi Mrs_Essay! I actually have my students do the digging for the original picture/source as part of their digital skills building and news literacy practice. So, I'll put up an "investigate now" slide with an essential question from one of The Sift's examples (e.g.: Did Elon Musk tweet ‘If $GME Reach $1000 I Will Put the GameStop Logo on My Next Rocket’?). Then, students will spend 10 minutes digging, looking for both the original speculative tweet or photo and different versions of fact-checking on the issue.

They report out (sometimes, when I really want to hit home the variety of ways to do this, I put them in a collaborative Jamboard or Padlet and they link all the things they've found, adding screenshots, etc.), and we discuss. Then I show them how the pros do it by sharing The Sift research. It keeps them in control of the process and really helps build that reflexive process to go looking for the original!


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@megfromm Love this response, Megan!

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