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How to use this week's issue of the Sift?  

Jordan Maze, NLP
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Howdy, NewsLitNation! Any tips for using this week's issue of The Sift?

It contains a classroom-ready resource on "key findings" and updates, three discussion prompts, and three viral rumors with accompanying NewsLit Takeaways and classroom ideas. 

Do you plan on using any of these with students? If so, how? Please share with NewsLit Nation! 


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Emily J.
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I share out a weekly fact check/viral rumor from the Sift with all our librarians (I'm at district level). The hope is that they can use the fact check with their students. I try to get a variety of examples from all political sides and non-political issues (the racing turtles one was perfect for my upper elementary classes!). I include links to help them fact check and tips for what to look for. 

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