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Introducing: "Check it out!" video series  

Kim Bowman
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Hi, NewsLit Nation!

I'm Kim Bowman, the Senior Associate for User Success at NLP. You can often find me at the other end of the Checkology Help Center. As a former middle school social studies teacher, I love helping educators use Checkology in the classroom.

Have you ever used a platform or an app for a while before finding a cool feature you never knew it had? I've been there dozens of times, which is why I'm starting a short video series called "Check it out!" In this series, I'll be highlighting Checkology features, content or implementation ideas to help keep you posted on all things Checkology. You can find these short videos in our social media accounts or in some of our emails if you're on our mailing list.

Check out the first video all about the Checkology student growth measures here.

What topics would you like to see covered in this video series? Would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance for any ideas and thanks for being a part of NewsLit Nation!



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