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Hi, everyone! 

I'm a librarian/remote English teacher, and I have currently been using Checkology with my students since last semester, and it is amazing! I am hoping that next year, I can present a list of media literacy 'workshops' to the staff while also letting them know that they have the Checkology lessons for asynchronous teaching. 

I feel like I'm struggling to actually put together quality 'in-person' lessons/workshops without just showing all of the Checkology videos to the class. Are there ideas out there or a resource I can look at for some guidance on putting together great media literacy lessons on a variety of topics that would enable me to present in classes rather than just referring them to Checkology? I want teachers to have both options. 


Thank you so much! 

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Jordan Maze, NLP
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Hi Alexandra! This is awesome. NLP's fall news literacy webinar series recordings are available for free, and many of the examples we shared in our fall series are still relevant today. Find the recordings here. You'll find webinars on: An intro to teaching news literacy, the misinformation landscape, digital verification and understanding bias. The webinars reference Checkology lessons occasionally, but they mostly focus on the news literacy concepts that are important to focus on within each topic, and they offer multiple suggestions for bringing these ideas into the classroom. Looking forwarding to seeing others' contributions in this thread. 

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