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My Top 10 Media Literacy Lesson Plans - C-SPAN Classroom  

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Greetings NewsLit Nation!


December is my (James Stancil - Houston, TX) assigned month as an ambassador to share some of my knowledge and resources with you. This week, I want to share a resource with you that you may or may not be aware of - have you ever visited C-SPAN Classroom? They have a wide range of interesting lessons and resources that you can access, but today I will focus on those related to media and news literacy. Here are some examples - my "Top Ten" so to speak:


Female Reporters in the 19th Century

Why Does Misinformation Spread?

What is Instagram?

Presidential Communication During Times of Crisis

Strategies for Interpreting Charts & Graphs

Presidents and the Media

Social Media's Role in Democracy

What do you think? Are there other lessons or resources on the site you have used? Please let me know! Also, if any of you use these resources, please come back and share the outcome with me and everyone!
PS: A shoutout to my friend Frank W. Baker for inspiring me to create this list through a recent social media posting! He is also a GREAT resource, if you haven't visited his page or read any of his books!


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