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November's NewsLit Nation Giveaway  

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As we've mentioned in our NewsLit Nation Insider newsletter, not only do we want to make sure you have access to free resources, we're also on the sidelines as your biggest cheerleaders. Here's the scoop on the next monthly drawing.

To enter, share your news literacy victory!
Has a student fact-checked something, have they remembered something specific from a lesson of yours, or has a parent thanked you, all in the realm of news literacy? Lot in to share your stories and let's celebrate these wins.
The lucky winners will be announced here in early December, and will receive BOOKS! 

  • Book Set 1: Textured Teaching: A Framework for Culturally Sustaining Practices by Lorena Escoto Germán, and donated by Heinemann. 
  • Book Set 2: Leaders Like Us series (Carlotta Bass, Leland Melvin, Wendell Scott, and Jackie Ormes), donated by Carson Dellosa Education.  
  • Book Set 3: Reaching for the Stars series (Imagining Space, and Sleeping in Space) and Hidden, Lost and Discovered (Mysterious Locations), also donated by Rourke Educational Media. 
  • Book Set 4: Living Beyond Borders: Growing up Mexican in America, and 2022 Authors & Illustrators Birthday Calendar, donated by Perma-Bound. 
Thanks to a lovely gesture of support, each of the above sets will also include a signed copy of Cindy Otis’ book, True or False: a CIA Analyst’s Guide to Spotting Fake News, donated by Cindy herself!! 
Note: Must be logged in to NewsLit Nation in order to post your story here, so be sure to register if you haven't yet.
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This is wonderful! Can't wait to read those stories.

Jamie Gregory
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My journalism/newspaper staff is going to teach a brief lesson tomorrow to a 5th grade media literacy class! Last year, the staff prepared an infographic to share with the student body during News Literacy Week, so they are using that and sharing examples of lateral reading, satire, reverse image searching, and more! It was great to see students who were on staff last year remember the lessons/activities we completed and share with new staff members. Happy that they will help the 5th grade class see the connection between media and news literacy!

Emily J.
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I do professional training for teachers, and its always a good feeling to have teachers at the end of the session say that they love the resources I have shared or an analogy I used to help illustrate a concept. Our department does a weekly newsletter and I always include a "Featured Viral Rumor" column that has been very popular. Especially my middle school and high school librarians say they use it for practice with students to keep the news literacy skills fresh in their minds.

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