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Sneak peek: New Checkology lessons in development  

Peter Adams
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Hello NewsLit Nation!

This is Peter from NLP's education team — here to share an update about two new lessons we're in development on for Checkology. One focuses on helping students up their data savvy, helping them to better understand the nature of data and data-based claims and to spot problematic or faulty uses of data. We're also working on a lesson about editorial cartooning: its role in history and its unique contributions to opinion journalism.

We're also launching the research phase for yet another lesson (!) exploring the intersection between science literacy and news literacy to help students better understand the nature of the scientific process and to evaluate science-based claims. We're actively looking for experts in science education to join our advisory group — so if you know anyone, please suggest them here in this thread!

I look forward to sharing more news about these new resources in the weeks and months to come!


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