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Can your students tell the difference between fact and fiction?

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Checkology empowers students to become smart consumers of information in all its forms and engaged participants in civic life.

Engaging, interactive lessons help educators equip their students with the tools to evaluate and interpret the news and to learn how to decide what news and other information to trust, share and act on.

Our news literacy lessons are comprehensive and easy to implement

  • Used by students in grades 5-12+
  • Browser-based; no need for special software installation
  • Tablet-friendly
  • Integration of real-world examples of news and information
  • Newsroom to Classroom program offering live discussions with journalists*
  • Experts in journalism and digital media as virtual guides and leaders

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Checkology works:

100% All active teacher users surveyed agree that Checkology improves students’ news literacy skills.

69% More than two-thirds of students were able to identify the standards of quality journalism after completing Checkology lessons.

2x The number of students who understand the First Amendment and the watchdog role of a free press doubles after completing Checkology lessons. 

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Mark Sullivan and Tim Bajarin

Fast Company

"The News Literacy Project has emerged as one of the most important educational tools for our time. … The courses created by the News Literacy Project should become a fundamental building block of our students’ education."

Lauren R. Schultz

Media coordinator
Independence High School, Charlotte, North Carolina

"The News Literacy Project’s Checkology virtual classroom has provided our students with the opportunity to be critical thinkers about the news and information they encounter on a daily basis. It is one thing to teach news literacy skills in isolation, but to be able to apply them to real-world situations has transformed the way our students interact with their information-rich world."

Eric Nadelstern

Former chief schools officer, New York City Department of Education; professor, Columbia University Teachers College

"The most effective classroom resource I’m aware of to make certain that our students are media-savvy for the challenges that await them in the 21st century."

Patricia Hunt

Social studies teacher
Wakefield High School, Arlington, Virginia

"I’ve appreciated the ease with which I can monitor student progress and learning. The site and its content are fantastic."

Checkology lesson a tablet
Checkology student at a computer.

Help create a news-literate next generation!

Empower your students to interpret the news and information that shape their lives so they can make mindful decisions about what to believe, share and act on — and ultimately become active members of civic society.