Dive into News Literacy: Summer School Ideas


Wednesday, May 17, 2023
5:00 PM CT

Join the News Literacy Project for a free educator webinar to discover how to teach news literacy skills that will serve your students throughout summer school and beyond.

Students often encounter an overwhelming amount of information in their day-to-day lives — especially online and often during times of unstructured exploration (such as academic breaks!). Summer school is an opportunity to teach them about the importance of media and news literacy. It’s also a time to supply your students with the critical thinking skills and habits of mind to help them tell fact from fiction.

In this free educator webinar, you’ll learn how to take the plunge into teaching with the Checkology®️ virtual classroom by incorporating it as a part of your summer school curriculum.

Participants will explore two interdisciplinary courses developed especially for summer school:

  • “Summer School,” which focuses on building up students’ ability to differentiate between news, opinion and advertisements and on identifying misinformation.
  • “STEM Summer,” which explores evaluating science- and data-based claims as well as analyzing science journalism.

The discussion will also cover additional resources and activities that can help develop skills such as fact-checking and evaluating sources. NLP’s educator experts Shaelynn Farnsworth, Brittney Smith and Erin Olson will lead the webinar.

(Can’t make the time? Register anyway and we’ll email you the recording afterward.)

For more on summer school resources from the News Literacy Project, visit the Dive into News Literacy resource hub.

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