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NLP launches NewsLit Nation, the News Literacy Educator Network


Nationwide community of teachers, librarians and administrators advocate news literacy education

teacher working with studentTo work toward reducing the harmful effects of misinformation on young minds, NLP is launching NewsLit Nation, the home of its News Literacy Educator Network. NewsLit Nation members advocate for news literacy education and support educators helping students navigate the complex digital news ecosystem.

With educators on the frontline of the fight against misinformation, NewsLit Nation provides resources and know-how for this urgent and important work. The network also organizes locally to enable educators to push for news literacy instruction in their schools and communities, says Ebonee Rice, NLP’s vice president of the educator network.

“We’re building an army of news literacy educators to mobilize their peers and create a future founded on facts,” she says.  “We’re here to empower educators with the tools they need to actively teach students the abilities to become equal and engaged participants in our democracy.’’

What is NewsLit Nation?

NewsLit Nation:

  • Trains teachers, librarians and school administrators across the country to advocate on behalf of a news literacy curriculum.
  • Helps you find opportunities for local partnerships and build channels of communication for your communities as local news literacy champions.
  • Gives you access to exclusive professional development opportunities, webinars, other training and additional support through online forums and message boards.

And, NewsLit Nation includes a network of ambassadors — educators working to create a sense of community in their local and regional school districts. (Thirteen news literacy ambassadors are already  working in 10 cities across the country.)

Educators can easily join the network by registering here.

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