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Recommended reading on the news literacy front

Frank Baker, a media literacy consultant and member of the News Literacy Project’s advisory committee, has recommended the following for teachers and those interested in news literacy matters: “Turning Pages: High School Journalism in Transition” is a recent article in The Nation that examines the decline of high school journalism programs in the San Francisco…


What to believe? Challenges in the classroom

An administrator in a New York charter school said of her students: “They’re under the impression that if it’s found in print, it’s there because someone has determined that it’s reliable.” Jules Mermelstein, a lawyer turned history and government teacher in a high school in a Philadelphia suburb, said, “One of my seniors insisted all…


Wikipedia: Promise and pitfalls

How should the News Literacy Project approach students’ widespread use of Wikipedia as a research tool? Should we encourage them to employ it as a living, interactive alternative to the conventional encyclopedia ― an information source that engages and empowers users with a sense of ownership? At the same time, should we caution that it…