Webb: Disinformation has role in Blacks’ support of Trump presidency

Mike Webb, NLP’s senior vice president of communications, discusses the role of disinformation in explaining Blacks’ support of Trump presidency in a Nov. 11 Los Angeles Times article.

“As we discussed on our podcast interview with UNC’s Deen Freelon, during the 2016 campaign, agents from Russia’s Internet Research Agency attempted to disguise themselves as Black protestors to intensify the partisan divide and suppress the vote, and all indications are they meddled again in 2020,” he says in Did Media Enable Black Men in Drinking Trump’s Kool-Aid?

“It’s too soon to tell how much there was, who did it, how it was done or if it was effective, but that’s one of the main reasons we put together this PSA campaign to combat election misinformation. We also know from several different news reports that there were efforts to create disinformation targeted to the Latino community this year,” Webb writes in messages to Journal-isms, Richard Prince’s column on diversity issues in the news media, which The Times quotes.

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