Worland’s Daily News piece discusses social media, news judgment

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In the N.Y. Daily News, NLP’s Darragh Worland writes on how social media use has been shown to skew news judgment. The commentary, Don’t let social media spoil your news judgment: A guide to navigating our information jungle,  ran on Sept. 30. The piece also addresses how news consumers may be falsely confident about the ability to spot unreliable information.

“It is simply dangerous to be misled and falsely confident about content you encounter. This is particularly true when it relates to information on which you base decisions that can impact your health (COVID-19), safety (wildfires) and future (government elections),” Worland writes.

She also offers readers advice on how to strengthen news literacy skills and be more savvy news consumers.

“In this digital age, no one can expect a total eradication of misinformation. But you can learn to counter harmful content and help others do the same by becoming news-literate. Armed with these skills and habits, you can make decisions and take action with confidence, knowing that the information and sources you rely on are credible and reliable.”

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