Board member Walt Mossberg talks tech (and NLP) on C-SPAN

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During an interview broadcast Jan. 19 on C-SPAN, Walt Mossberg, the noted technology journalist and an NLP board member, spoke at length about NLP’s work and his feeling that our mission is “very important at this juncture to save democracy.”

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Boulder Weekly speaks with Alan Miller about Colorado media literacy bill

Boulder Weekly, a news outlet in Boulder, Colorado, interviewed NLP’s Alan Miller about the need for news literacy. The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would require media literacy education in schools. “We need to teach students to think like journalists,” Miller said, and “the educators need to be informed to inform their students.”

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No fooling: Connecticut students flag falsehoods, embrace evidence

Rumormongers and perpetrators of hoaxes online work hard to deceive people, but they are no match for the journalism students at The Morgan School, a public high school in Clinton, Connecticut. Their teacher, Leslie Chausse, uses the News Literacy Project’s Checkology® virtual classroom to develop their critical-thinking skills and hone their journalism chops. “There is so…

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