Approved by the NLP board on March 8, 2011; job titles updated on Jan. 25, 2023.

The News Literacy Project greatly values the support of foundations, corporations and individuals as funders, sponsors, advertisers and partners. This support is essential to NLP’s ability to give students the critical-thinking skills needed to consume and create credible information in a digital world and to elevate NLP’s mission nationally. 

The following gift acceptance policy summarizes under what circumstances donations and gifts are acceptable at NLP. At the same time, NLP will rely on the judgment of its chief executive officer (CEO) to ensure that financial support does not compromise its independence, credibility or mission. NLP reserves the right to place conditions on accepting a donation or, if it deems it necessary, to decline a gift. 

It is the responsibility of NLP’s CEO to ensure that all donors, foundations, sponsors and in-kind donors are motivated to support NLP’s mission. If a relationship might have a negative impact on NLP’s credibility, the CEO should review the relationship with the NLP board. 

This includes donations, such as those made by foundations, corporations or individuals, and the contribution of equipment, services or in-kind gifts to NLP and its staff members. 

NLP will not turn over control of its curriculum or the content of an event to a sponsor or partner. The CEO will collaborate with sponsors and partners to ensure that all content choices, featured speakers and curriculum development reflect our core values. 

When entering into such relationships, NLP staff should make it clear that we value input, advice and collaboration. But when it comes to curricular and content decisions, we require independence. 

All contracts and other material created to facilitate such relationships should include a clause that allows all parties to end the relationship without penalty. 

Board members are expected to make financial and in-kind donations where appropriate. NLP does not contract with board members or their organizations to do work for NLP in exchange for a financial payment. 

When NLP executives or staffers speak at conferences, they are allowed to accept a reasonable honorarium for their services, with the approval of the CEO. 

It is the CEO’s responsibility to create a consistent process for recognizing and thanking funders, based on the size and nature of their support. This could include an acknowledgment on NLP’s website, in its video productions or in its digital or printed materials; an oral thank-you or inclusion on signs at a public event; or mention in news releases.