Miller interviewed on Stelter’s Reliable Sources podcast

Our founder and CEO, Alan Miller, was Brian Stelter’s guest this week on his Reliable Sources podcast. In his Jan. 23 newsletter, Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent and host of the Sunday show Reliable Sources, described their conversation: “On this week’s Reliable Sources podcast, News Literacy Project founder and CEO Alan Miller previews the first-ever National…

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Take part in National News Literacy Week

The News Literacy Project (NLP) and The E.W. Scripps Company are joining forces for National News Literacy Week (Jan. 27-31) — an initiative that will raise awareness of news literacy as a fundamental life skill and highlight the vital role of a free press in a healthy democracy. This campaign will provide educators, students and…

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Black PR

‘Black PR’: An industry built around sowing disinformation

Coordinated efforts to disseminate propaganda online are supported by “a worldwide industry of PR and marketing firms ready to deploy fake accounts, false narratives, and pseudo news websites for the right price,” according to a Jan. 6 report by BuzzFeed News and The Reporter, an investigative news outlet in Taiwan. Such businesses — which in…

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Knight Foundation illustration of person reading a newspaper

Miller looks at news literacy’s impact on local news

As part of its local news initiative, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation asked NLP’s founder and CEO, Alan C. Miller, to consider how news literacy correlates with improved trust and understanding between the public and local news outlets. He immediately saw the connection and shared his thoughts, which were posted Jan. 9…

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New York Times building

Classroom Connection: New York Times op-ed backlash

In his original column, Stephens lauded the intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews, citing a 2005 paper that was published in the Journal of Biosocial Science, which until 1969 was named The Eugenics Review. The article was co-authored by Henry Harpending, whom the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled an “extremist” with a “white nationalist” ideology. On Dec.…

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News literacy resolutions for a new year

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy; keeping them is not. This year, you can adopt a meaningful resolution that is easy to keep long after we ring in another new year. So join NLP in resolving to become more news-literate in 2020. Here’s how, in three simple steps. And Happy New Year!

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Classroom Connection: Artistic license or smear?

The film, which opened nationwide on Dec. 13, tells the story of Jewell, the security guard hero-turned-suspect in the July 27, 1996, bombing at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park that resulted in two deaths and injuries to more than 100 people. In one scene, Scruggs (Olivia Wilde) flirts with an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) who was one…

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Jaime Sanborn teaching Checkology

School librarian calls Checkology ‘priceless’ for teaching research skills

You might be surprised to learn what has students buzzing in the hallways of The Bolles School, a private school in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s Jaime Sanborn’s Information Literacy course. Here’s what she has overheard them saying: “What is Ms. Sanborn teaching?” “She’s teaching us how to research. She’s teaching us how to think for ourselves.”…

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Informable app helps you build news literacy skills

If you are looking for an app that functions like a game and teaches you to be more news-literate, NLP has just the thing: Informable, our new mobile app. It is designed to improve users’ ability to distinguish between several types of news and other information. Developed for both adults and students, Informable helps users…

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