Washington Post’s Lowery receives NLP’s Journalist Fellow Award

For his contributions to journalism in the public interest and to news literacy, Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post has earned the News Literacy Project’s John S. Carroll Journalist Fellow Award for 2018. A national correspondent covering law enforcement and justice, Lowery led the Post’s “Fatal Force” project, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for…

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New York City students earn NLP’s Gwen Ifill Award

“Checkology® taught me to seek news rather than receiving it, so I went out and investigated it myself,” Sophia Fiallo told a July 12 awards ceremony at which she and Paige Rodriguez, classmates at The Young Women Leadership School of Astoria, were presented with the News Literacy Project’s Gwen Ifill Student Journalist of the Year…

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From the newsroom to the classroom

More than 70 educators from Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools kicked off their summer with an NLP NewsLitCamp® at National Public Radio’s Washington, D.C. headquarters. A signature NLP professional development program, NewsLitCamps are held in conjunction with a news organization. With guidance from NLP staff, educators and journalists come together to examine the importance of…

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Rotarian article shows Checkology® in action

The Rotarian — the official magazine of Rotary International, with a circulation of more than 400,000 — interviews a sixth-grade teacher in Chicago who discovered our Checkology virtual classroom last year. The article shows exactly how she uses the platform to teach news literacy skills. It also quotes Peter Adams, NLP’s senior vice president of…

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Overview of Pew media study findings cites NLP

Peter Adams, NLP’s senior vice president of education, was one of two experts interviewed by Courthouse News Service in its story about a recent Pew Research Center study. The study examined the difficulty people have in distinguishing between factual and opinion statements in the news.* One reason, said Adams: “Confirmation bias is front and center…

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Tucker Eskew joins News Literacy Project Board

Tucker Eskew, a strategy and marketing executive, has joined the board of the News Literacy Project. “If we’re to have a healthy democracy, our society needs to build platforms for truth and context in a sea of information and misinformation,” he said. “I’m proud to join the News Literacy Project as you build those supports…

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News literacy more than a ‘nice PR tagline’

The vice president of CooperKatz lists reasons she’s passionate about news literacy and why she’s proud that the PR Council is partnering with NLP. (Her links give you the chance to practice news literacy.)  

Former journalist, PR pro writes of news literacy need

We all have a responsibility to be better news consumers, writes former journalist Ron Sachs, whose communications firm is now part of the PR Council. That’s why the PR Council’s support for the News Literacy Project is so important.

300 students in the U.K. learn NLP lessons

Late last month, our director of partnerships, Damaso Reyes, took the NLP message to three cities in the United Kingdom, where he addressed more than 300 students in hands-on lessons that left the teens “enthused and inspired.” The stops in Newcastle, Birmingham and Belfast were sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and Shout Out UK, an…

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