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The 2024 election season will be among the most closely followed in American history, and as in past years, it also will attract a flood of mis- and disinformation. A new development this year is the rise of artificial intelligence technologies, which can create sophisticated fabrications and distortions that challenge our ability to identify what’s real and what’s not like never before.

The News Literacy Project is working to ensure that you know how to discern fact from fiction and can make well-informed voting decisions when you go to the polls.

We aim to accomplish that through our election misinformation awareness campaign, which will help you learn how to spot false information and hone your skills for identifying and seeking out credible sources and fact-based information. This includes free resources, videos and events for educators and the public, some of which are available in Spanish.

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Browse our 2024 Presidential Election Misinformation Flipboard page for recent articles about misinformation related to the elections.

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Explore our Voting and Elections collection on Flip for classroom discussion and lesson plan ideas related to election misinformation in the news, breaking out of political “bubbles,” spotting impostor accounts and fake posts, and more.

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Other resources

Trusted information on how and where to vote

Candidates and issues

  • Ballotpedia: A digital encyclopedia of American politics and a nonpartisan source of information on elections, politics and policy.

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Checkology® can help you tell the difference between fact and fiction.

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