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The Sift featured weekly in blog by Valerie Strauss of Washington Post

The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss features content from The Sift® in her blog Answer Sheet weekly through the school year. These are the installments so far for the 2020-21 academic year. A look at phony tweets about Ted Cruz and Trump’s impeachment — and more lessons on news literacy (Feb. 26, 2021) No, the CDC…

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Adams discusses how to be better informed on ‘Truth for Teachers’ podcast

In the Feb. 21 segment of the Truth for Teachers podcast, host Angela Watson interviews NLP’s Peter Adams on How to be informed media consumer and advocate for truth. Adams begins by discussing why misinformation is more prevalent and provides a brief overview of how extremists of all kinds have become better networked and influential.…

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Life of Gusto podcast: Salter shares insights on truth and misinformation

The Life of Gusto podcast host Augusto Andres interviews Chuck Salter, NLP’s president and COO for a Feb. 21 segment on truth and misinformation.  Salter shares his insights into how we arrived at this period where truth itself is under siege, the challenges of navigating our complex information landscape, and most importantly, why civics education…

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School Library Journal spreads word about educator network

The School Library Journal spoke with Ebonee Rice on Feb. 3 about NLP’s new educator network. “We really understand that educators are the experts and educators are really on the front lines in the fight against misinformation, so we wanted to create a community where educators who are doing this work can talk to each…

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Blavity commentary: Misinformation harming black communities

In a Feb. 2 commentary for the multi-cultural news site Blavity, Ebonee Rice, vice president of NLP’s educator network, discusses how misinformation targets minorities. In Misinformation Is Harming Our Black Communities. We Must Become News-Literate To Stop It. – Blavity, she writes: “Last year, America confronted its legacy of racial injustice and endured the most…

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Enrique Acevedo headshot and The Washington Post logo

NewsLit Week | Enrique Acevedo: Urge un consumo responsable de información entre la comunidad latinx
 en Estados Unidos

Enrique Acevedo es periodista en Estados Unidos. Es el primer corresponsal latino en la historia del programa ’60 Minutes’ y miembro del consejo directivo de The News Literacy Project. Unas semanas antes de la elección presidencial de noviembre pasado aquí en Estados Unidos, comenzaron a circular mensajes con información falsa en Facebook y WhatsApp sobre…

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NewsLit Week | Editorial makes the case for news literacy

The Jan. 27 editorial in the Hutchinson Leader of Minnesota, This National News Literacy Week, pledge to be a more discerning consumer of media, makes the case for news literacy and offers readers advice on how to become more news-literate. The editors write: “Do you know how to read the news? “We don’t just mean…

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Worland: Recent events underscore urgent need for news literacy

Darragh Worland lays out the urgent need for news literacy education to readers of The San Francisco Chronicle in the Jan. 27 piece We need news literacy education in our schools — now! (Please note: Article is behind a paywall.) She opens the piece by noting the role of conspiracy theories and misinformation in the…

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