Rumor Review

Don’t let a viral meme infect you


Trump doctored imageDid you see the viral meme featuring President Donald Trump that circulated last week? It combined an old image from a Fox News program, a doctored caption and a false quote.

The president did not say the following during a phone interview on Fox and Friends:

“The Democrats can subpoena me and my administration for the next 10, 15, 20 years and we will never capitulate. They need to face the fact that I am in charge, this is my country and I will do as I please, they have no control over me. The people support me and will always support me.”

The caption “President Trump goes ballistic on Fox and Friends” never appeared on screen. Instead, a video still from an April 25 phone interview with Trump on Hannity, another Fox News program, was manipulated to add the false quote and text.

The comments on one instance of this false meme on Facebook (archived here) show not only that a number of people believe that the quote and the image are authentic, but also how people sometimes rationalize false information as “true.”

Remember, purveyors of misinformation cross all demographics and partisan identities. So if your finger is itching to “like” or share a post that confirms your closely held beliefs, take a step back. Look deeper to identify the source of the content and determine its credibility before you jump on a viral bandwagon and get taken for a ride