2016 presidential election underscores the need for news literacy


We have just weathered a presidential election in which a bitterly divided nation seemed incapable of
agreeing on facts — let alone solutions — for the country’s myriad challenges.

Meanwhile, the press, polls and pundits proved to be stunningly wrong in crafting the narrative of this election and appeared out of touch with broad swaths of voters. Partisans on all sides displayed intense hostility to, and distrust of, the news media.

Amid this fractured civic discourse, it is more vital than ever that the next generation be taught how to discern credible, verified information from raw information, spin, misinformation and propaganda. It is essential that young people understand the role of the news media and the First Amendment in a democracy.

The News Literacy Project remains more committed than ever to this mission. As always, we appreciate your support and participation in this important cause.


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