A message from our new CEO: Charles ‘Chuck’ Salter


From a mission to a movement

Friends of NLP:

You are part of a community of tens of thousands of people who have, in some way, supported the News Literacy Project. You might be an educator, a concerned citizen or an advocate of news literacy education. Many of you also support our work financially. I’m grateful our paths have crossed, and I want to thank you for your partnership and reintroduce myself.

I’m Chuck Salter, and after serving for the past four years as president and COO of NLP, I had the honor of becoming president and CEO on July 1, succeeding our visionary founder, Alan MillerWhile I hope to meet many of you in the months and years ahead, if you’d like to know a bit about me now, you can check out this Q&A, read my bio or watch this video, and please follow me on Twitter @saltercrs.

This is an exciting time at NLP. We are turning our mission into a movement to create a future founded on facts. In addition to new leadership, we have a new strategic plan with a redoubled commitment to not only expand our work in schools across the country through new programs and resources but also to reach out to the public as well. We are helping everyone become more discerning consumers of news and other information and better engaged — and more equal — participants in our democracy.

The need for this movement has never been greater. American democracy is under attack, along with the rights and freedoms it promises for all people.  While their motives vary, merchants of chaos advance their agendas by taking advantage of our complex and quickly moving information landscape to sow doubt, confusion, fear and even anger and hatred among all of us. No democratic society can endure this type of division — it destroys the foundation of the shared reality that’s required for honest debate and eventual consensus.

But there is hope, and you are part of that hope. I thank you for your support of our work, and I look forward to more people joining all of us in the years ahead to help strengthen our democratic discourse and create a more news-literate America.

My best,

Charles “Chuck”  Salter

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