Adams discusses election misinformation, impact

NLP in the News

In the piece Misinformation in MT Impacting November Election NLP’s Senior Vice President of Education Peter Adams discusses how misinformation can target elections, in this case in Montana, but in any state or nation. “Our religious faith, our patriotism, our care and concern for our community, our desire for justice – and weaponize those in a way that is intended to make us have a strong emotional reaction to a false claim,” Adams notes.

People should be on the lookout for false claims on their social-media feeds. He says private social-media groups have become laboratories for misinformation. He also advises readers to not let misinformation go unchallenged.

“If they have someone in their life who’s sharing a lot of these kinds of problematic pieces to maybe have a conversation with them or speak up and challenge them or help fact-check some of these things because they’re being shared in a private setting that researchers and fact-checkers can’t always access,” Adams urges.


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