NLP’s Adams, on NPR podcast, offers advice on spotting misinformation

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Peter Adams, NLP’s senior vice president of education, discussed our work and offered tips for spotting misinformation on the Oct. 31 episode of the NPR podcast Life Kit, hosted by Miles Parks (starting at 10:50). Adams explains how to spot misinformation shared by others and explores how people can recognize when they aren’t reacting objectively to what they’re watching, viewing or hearing. (One sign, he says, is an immediate emotional response, such as fear or outrage.) He also cautions against trusting what you see immediately when events are rapidly changing, noting that standards-based news organizations take time to report verified information, while clickbait-seekers and promoters of misinformation and disinformation are quick to post stories, photos and videos.

The podcast also introduces Informable, NLP’s free mobile app, where users of all ages will be able to test their news literacy skills in five games, such as “Ad or Not” and “Evidence or Not.” It’s coming soon (sign up for a notification email here) on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

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