Silva gives webinar on being reliably informed for Long Beach Public Media

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NLP’s John Silva gave the presentation What It Means to be News-literate: Key Skills to be Reliably Informed for Long Beach Public Media on Aug. 5. The segment was part of its Citizens Media Series under the theme of Know Your Power: Know Your News.

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Livestream: Vetting election information

The News Literacy Project is hosting a panel of experts who work with the military community for a virtual discussion about common types of election-related misinformation and practical tips and tools for finding reliable news sources before voting.


NLP defines news literacy for Encyclopedia Britannica entry 

In a recent update to Encyclopedia Britannica, Pamela Brunskill, the News Literacy Project’s senior director of education, broke down the meaning of news literacy. She detailed how to assess different types of information, understand the First Amendment, detect misinformation and practice civic responsibility. “News literacy teaches people how to think critically about timely issues and…

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