Students at Checkology® schools take top honors in ‘news diet’ challenge

NLP in the News

The New York Times challenged high school students to change their news diets — and write about it. Almost all of the winning essays, along with the winning video, were from students in schools that use NLP’s Checkology® virtual classroom.

This contest, which attracted 358 entries, required students to record, over one or two days, what news they found, where they got it and whether it met their needs. They then were asked to find other news sources to fill the gaps they identified and write an essay or record a video about what they discovered.

Katherine Schulten, editor of The Learning Network, a Times resource for students and teachers, highlighted 10 things she learned about teenagers and news from the contest, including: “[G]etting news from a variety of sources can help solve the fake-news problem and makes for a healthy news ‘diet’ overall.”

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