Take part in National News Literacy Week


Alan C. Miller

Founder and CEO

The News Literacy Project (NLP) and The E.W. Scripps Company are joining forces for National News Literacy Week (Jan. 27-31) — an initiative that will raise awareness of news literacy as a fundamental life skill and highlight the vital role of a free press in a healthy democracy.

This campaign will provide educators, students and the public with easy-to-adopt tools and tips for becoming news-literate. Each day’s theme aligns with a lesson in our Checkology® virtual classroom that will be available (for that day only) at NewsLiteracyWeek.org. Our resources will also be shared on Scripps’ and NLP’s social media channels throughout the week.

The themes are:

  • Monday, Jan. 27 — Navigating the information landscape.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 28 — Identifying standards-based journalism.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 29 — Understanding bias — your own and others’.
  • Thursday, Jan. 30 — Celebrating the role of a free press.
  • Friday, Jan. 31 — Recognizing misinformation.

You can also test your news literacy skills with Informable, NLP’s free mobile app, which uses a gamelike format to assess and improve users’ ability to distinguish between news and other types of information.

Throughout National News Literacy Week, Scripps’ local television stations and Newsy, its multiplatform news brand, will air reports related to news literacy. Scripps’ local and national media brands are featuring “The Easiest Quiz of All Time” — a multiplatform news literacy campaign that emphasizes the importance of double-checking facts. Scripps journalists are working with high schools in their communities to produce original pieces of student journalism that will premiere throughout the week on-air and online across Scripps’ stations; a selection will be available at NewsLiteracyWeek.org.

Please join us by using these resources to improve your own news literacy skills, sharing them with your friends and family, and engaging with us on social media (#NewsLiteracyWeek).

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