New line of support for the News Literacy Project (and democracy)


Alan C. Miller

Founder and CEO

I’m always pleased to announce new partners in news literacy, but this one is especially gratifying because it offers support in a distinctive way. The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company has shown generosity matched by creativity in pledging to give $20 to the News Literacy Project for every pair of shoes bought online from its new Freedom Shoe line for women.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled that the donations will help us expand our news literacy education efforts by sponsoring our weekly newsletter, The Sift, for the entire school year. But here is, well, the kicker: The First Amendment is literally built into the offer.

To be exact, every shoe that is part of this line will have the First Amendment engraved on its sole. That means that when people buy a Freedom Shoe, they are bearing (and wearing) a foundational element of our Constitution.

Samuel Hubbard will donate to us through March 1, 2019, or until donations reach $100,000, whichever comes first. It’s also promoting us in a company brochure about the First Amendment that will be shipped with every pair — which means even more people will learn about us and champion news literacy in their communities.

We at the News Literacy Project are pushing to get into as many schools as possible to help students understand the powerful role the press plays in our country and the protections guaranteed under the First Amendment. This partnership with Samuel Hubbard promises to reach the public in a whole new (and fun) way, giving people instant access to a crucial part of news literacy and of our democracy.

A recent study found that only 3 percent of Americans know all five rights guaranteed by the First Amendment (though 36 percent can name at least one). I make that point to underscore how this agreement will provide support in multiple ways: If you wear these shoes, you are supporting our cause financially as well as spreading word of the First Amendment. And there is every reason to believe that you’ll be providing great support for your feet, too!

Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company founder and CEO Bruce Katz says this about designing the Freedom Shoe line: “The First Amendment is a simple and elegant statement of where our freedom begins — and it’s essential that today we remember what it stands for.”

Thank you, Samuel Hubbard!

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