Back to school with NLP and TIME for Kids


The News Literacy Project and TIME for Kids are teaming up this school year to bring educators seven weeks of news literacy resources and lessons. From September through mid-October, the upper elementary editions of the TIME for Kids teacher’s guide will feature classroom-ready materials that highlight the magazine’s journalism and NLP’s free resources.

Intended for grades 3 – 6, the lessons explore how to distinguish between facts and opinions; identify different types and purposes of information, like advertising and news; recognize the standards of quality journalism, and more. Each lesson builds foundational news literacy skills and provides opportunities for students to apply those skills through rich discussion prompts, collaborative group activities and challenging independent work. NLP’s Hannah Covington and Pam Brunskill co-created the materials along with Candace Dipsey of TIME for Kids. See the whole unit at

“This is an exciting collaboration that brings together the expertise of the News Literacy Project and TIME for Kids educators, whom we know understand the importance of teaching students how to identify credible sources of news and information,” said Peter Adams, NLP’s senior vice president of research and design.

To help educators take advantage of these and other instructional resources, TIME for Kids will offer a 20% discount to members of NLP’s NewsLitNation®, a free member community of news literacy education practitioners. Educators can join NewsLitNation now to take advantage of this offer. Members will also be entered into a drawing for a free classroom subscription to TIME for Kids, provided by the magazine. More details about how to enter and how to take advantage of the discount offer will be shared soon with the NewsLitNation community.

About TIME for Kids

Built on TIME’s long legacy, TIME for Kids has been a trusted news source for nearly 30 years, publishing a weekly current events magazine for kids during the school year as well as expanding into a global multi-channel education brand.

TIME for Kids builds the critical reading skills kids need to succeed in the information era. An annual subscription helps young readers better understand our complex world, and nurtures them to become informed, active citizens.


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