Our election misinformation ads


At NLP, we believe that news literacy is essential for a functioning democracy. We know that foreign and domestic adversaries have polluted our information ecosystem to cause confusion, turn us against each other and hinder our ability to make well-informed decisions about candidates and issues. Our election misinformation campaigns help people learn how to tell fact from fiction. They’re not about what to think, but about how to think about the news and information we encounter.

As part of our 2022 election misinformation campaign, we created a public service announcement (PSA) to help people find our resources and credible sources of news and information. The TV ads refer to Election Day, Nov.  8, 2022. They do not contain current information for elections this year or in 2024. We asked stations to cease airing the ads last year, after Election Day. However, we recently become aware that some TV networks have continued to air them. We are doing everything we can to have the ads taken off the air while we update them.

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