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Back to School with Checkology®️

Back to school with Checkology Back to school with Checkology

Meet your news and media literacy toolkit for 2022-23. Gain a foundation in news literacy – and best practices for teaching it – through our free educator resources and webinars. Then, turn to Checkology®, our FREE browser-based, classroom-ready platform from the News Literacy Project. Checkology teaches students how to think about news and information – not what to think.

Upcoming and Recent Events

We are here to support your work throughout the school year, beginning with free events and professional development opportunities this summer and fall. Join us or view a recording of a recent webinar to learn how to incorporate Checkology and other educator resources into your curriculum!

  • Back-to-School News Literacy Webinar Series
    In this six-part virtual series designed for educators across all grade levels and subject areas, we'll explore the fundamentals of news literacy education. This series is sponsored by the Knight Foundation. Register here to gain access to all six sessions. All recordings and slides from sessions that have already occurred may be accessed here.
    • Aug. 17, 5 p.m. ET: Teaching news literacy – Where do I start? This webinar has already occurred.
    • Aug. 24, 5 p.m. ET: Exploring the misinformation landscape. This webinar has already occurred.
    • Aug. 31, 3 p.m. ET: A discussion with Teens for Press Freedom. This webinar has already occurred.
    • Sept. 7, 5 p.m. ET: A discussion with the Center for Public Integrity, about the Freedom of Information Act and its role in storytelling.
    • Sept. 14, 5 p.m. ET: Understanding Bias, presented by NLP's John Silva and Alexa Volland.
    • Sept. 21, 5 p.m. ET: A discussion with the Center for Public Integrity, about data reporting.
  • Memes, editorial cartoons and visual journalism: Lessons for your classroom
    In this edWeb webinar, get a firsthand look at editorial cartooning, the focus of our new Checkology lesson “Power in Art: The Watchdog Role of Editorial Cartoonists.” Hear from leading editorial cartoonists Lalo Alcaraz and Signe Wilkinson and NLP staff experts Peter Adams and Darragh Worland.
  • Get rolling with Checkology: Discover new content and more
    Get an introduction to brand-new content and features on Checkology that will help you teach about social media, misinformation, data literacy and more this year! This webinar is offered three times during August; choose the session that best fits your schedule.
  • Building strong digital citizens: News and media literacy in the classroom
    In this edWeb webinar co-sponsored by EdCuration, news literacy ambassadors Allie Niese, Molly June Roquet, and Debbie Keen will discuss how educators can encourage students’ digital citizenship skills.

Back to School with Checkology

This school year, give your students the skills and habits of mind to identify credible information and reliable sources, understand the importance of a free press and First Amendment in a democracy, debunk misinformation, apply critical thinking skills, and more. Checkology empowers students with news literacy, a foundational element of media literacy, so they can confidently analyze and navigate today’s challenging information landscape.

Lessons Students Want to Complete

As an educator, you already know how critical it is for today’s students to sort fact from fiction and rumor from reality in their news feeds and on social media. Checkology makes it easy to teach these skills — with interactive lessons hosted by noted journalists and experts, along with quizzes and challenges you can assign in just a few clicks. Set the tone for a year of critical thinking and media and news literacy development with more than a dozen Checkology lessons on topics such as misinformation, digital verification skills, and the First Amendment. Checkology is aligned with ISTE, social studies, and common core literacy standards, making it easy to seamlessly incorporate into a range of subjects.

What’s new in 2022?

This year, Checkology’s newest lessons make it easy to bring news literacy to science, math and art classes, as well as civics, social studies, history and more. “Power in Art: The Watchdog Role of Editorial Cartoonists” explores the history of editorial cartooning as an impactful form of opinion journalism. “Making Sense of Data” investigates how we interact with, create and are influenced by data in all aspects of our lives. “Be Health Informed” helps students make sense of health and wellness information online and learn how to avoid being misled. “Evaluating Science-based Claims” shows students how to recognize evidence-based claims and evaluate their credibility.

Educators Love Checkology

A teacher jackpot! In the past, I'd pull content from a variety of websites and sources to TRY and teach the same thing Checkology covers. Now, one place, high-quality, timely, and FREE content = Awesome.

– Beth H., career and technical education business technology teacher, Michigan

Checkology has engaging, relevant and timely examples that kids enjoy AND learn from. It's their favorite online platform to work from, and they ask for it as an option vs. other platforms.

– Sarah A., sixth grade ELA and social studies teacher, Washington

Checkology is engaging for students AND challenges them to think critically. That is a rare combination.

– Boreas V., high school social studies teacher, Hawaii

A media literacy unit will be a mandate in Illinois [in 2022-23] and I am thankful to have Checkology to use as a basis.

– Christine J., high school social studies teacher, Illinois

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