News Goggles: Newsroom lingo review

Grades: 7-9, 10-12+

News Goggles annotations and activities offer news literacy takeaways on timely topics. These resources feature examples of actual news coverage, including full news reports, headlines, breaking news alerts or excerpts. 

This News Goggles resource originally appeared in a previous issue of The Sift newsletter for educators, which explores timely examples of misinformation, addresses journalism and press freedom topics and examines social media trends and issues. Read archives of the newsletter and subscribe here. 

Journalists sometimes speak their own language. From “lede” to “nut graf” and “dateline” to “byline” — it can be hard to keep track! We’ve introduced a lot of newsroom lingo in News Goggles this year. Learning this lingo can be a fun way to help deepen your understanding of how newsrooms work as you consider topics like news judgment and journalism standards. Do you know, for example, what it means to “break” a story or land an important “scoop”? What is the significance of journalists saying information was “picked up”? Let’s take a look back and review some of these common key terms. See if you can spot them in news coverage. With practice, you’ll be speaking like a journalist in no time!

 Featured News Goggles resource: These classroom-ready slides offer a vocabulary review, discussion questions and a teaching idea.

Discuss: Do you have a favorite journalism term? Were any of these terms completely new to you? Were any surprising? Do you think any of them are confusing? Will you start using any of the terms, such as “graf”?

Idea: Challenge students in groups to find examples of each term in news reports and share their findings with classmates. 

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