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Classroom Connection: Artistic license or smear?

The film, which opened nationwide on Dec. 13, tells the story of Jewell, the security guard hero-turned-suspect in the July 27, 1996, bombing at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park that resulted in two deaths and injuries to more than 100 people. In one scene, Scruggs (Olivia Wilde) flirts with an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) who was one…


Illinois educators: NewsLitCamp® with the Rockford Register Star

Join the News Literacy Project, the Rockford Register Star and Rockford Public Schools (RPS) on Tuesday, Feb. 11, for a highly engaging, teacher-centered NewsLitCamp featuring breakout sessions with local journalists. This program is one in a national series of NewsLitCamps led by the News Literacy Project in collaboration with a diverse group of news organizations around the country. Register today at this link (it’s…


NLP’s advice cited in USA Today article on election disinformation

Jessica Guynn, a senior technology writer at USA Today, includes advice from the News Literacy Project in her Dec. 12 article, “Facebook disinformation in the 2020 presidential election: What you can do to stop its spread”: When you’re checking your social media feeds, watch out for manipulated and fabricated images and videos, and give political…

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Jaime Sanborn teaching Checkology

School librarian calls Checkology ‘priceless’ for teaching research skills

You might be surprised to learn what has students buzzing in the hallways of The Bolles School, a private school in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s Jaime Sanborn’s Information Literacy course. Here’s what she has overheard them saying: “What is Ms. Sanborn teaching?” “She’s teaching us how to research. She’s teaching us how to think for ourselves.”…


Akron educators: NewsLitCamp® with the Akron Beacon Journal & Greater Akron Chamber

Join the News Literacy Project, the Akron Beacon Journal and the Six District Educational Compact on Thursday, Jan. 30, for a highly engaging, teacher-centered NewsLitCamp featuring breakout sessions with local journalists. Register today at this link (it’s FREE!) to reserve your seat: Space is limited. Sign up today to reserve your seat! NewsLitCamp is a day-long professional development experience based on an “edcamp” style…


NYC Educators: NewsLitCamp® with Bloomberg News

Join the News Literacy Project for a NewsLitCamp® in New York City! Join the News Literacy Project, the New York City Department of Education and Bloomberg News on Monday, Jan. 27, for a highly engaging, teacher-centered NewsLitCamp featuring breakout sessions with experienced journalists. This program is one in a national series of NewsLitCamps led by the News Literacy Project in collaboration…



Informable app helps you build news literacy skills

If you are looking for an app that functions like a game and teaches you to be more news-literate, NLP has just the thing: Informable, our new mobile app. It is designed to improve users’ ability to distinguish between several types of news and other information. Developed for both adults and students, Informable helps users…


hands on keyboard

Classroom connection: What ‘professional trolls’ want

While most people tend to think of internet trolls as obnoxious personas who provoke others into infuriating exchanges online, two disinformation experts at Clemson University argue that that “professional trolls” are far more likely to use positive ideological messages that affirm people’s existing beliefs to accomplish their goals of sowing division and distrust. “Effective disinformation is…


Checkology receives international Digital Wellbeing award

HundrED, an international nonprofit that promotes inspiring innovations in K-12 education, has selected the News Literacy Project’s Checkology® virtual classroom for a 2019 Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing award. The award recognizes our e-learning platform as one of 100 global innovations in 2019. HundrED’s website features the honorees, each with a page that includes an overview,…

NLP in the News

Giving Tuesday 2019

This Giving Tuesday, support a future founded on facts

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity dedicated to charitable giving. Every day, the News Literacy Project is working to ensure that the next generation is able to navigate the complex world of information in a way that can unite us around verifiable facts. Educators depend on NLP for the tools to teach…

Students use Checkology in a classroom

Checkology® receives Hundred’s Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing award

The News Literacy Project’s Checkology virtual classroom has received a 2019 Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing award from HundrED, an international nonprofit that promotes inspiring innovations in K-12 education. The award recognizes our e-learning platform as one of 100 global innovations in 2019. The honorees are featured on HundrED’s website, each with a page that includes…


Washington Post education blog offers lessons from The Sift®

Valerie Strauss, author of The Washington Post’s education blog, Answer Sheet, is featuring items from NLP’s weekly newsletter for educators through the end of the school year. These columns are linked below: “How QAnon Conspiracy Theory Became an Acceptable Option Marketplace Ideas more Lessons Fake News” (May 19, 2020) “Covid 19 Conspiracy Video Goes Viral…

NLP in the News

Article on The Fulcrum touts Informable, NLP’s new app

An article by The Fulcrum, a nonpartisan digital news organization focused on strengthening American democracy, makes the case that students are not the only ones who need news literacy education. In the Nov. 25 piece, “Adults may need media literacy even more than students,” Eliza Newlin Carney touts NLP’s new brain training app Informable. The…

NLP in the News

Teens on devices

Study: Students show ‘troubling’ lack of news literacy skills

A new report from the Stanford History Education Group has found little change in high school students’ ability to evaluate information online since 2016, when SHEG researchers released the results of a similar study. This skill set — dubbed “civic online reasoning” by Stanford researchers — consists of the ability to recognize advertising, including branded…


student working with student

Why all students need news literacy

It’s a sad day when students at two highly regarded universities are unaware of how journalism is properly practiced. This lack of understanding extends to the First Amendment’s protections for speech, assembly and the press and shows how our middle schools and high schools must do a better job of preparing young people to understand…


Columbia educators: NewsLitCamp® with South Carolina Educational Television and Public Radio

Join the News Literacy Project (NLP), South Carolina ETV and Public Radio, and Richland School District Two for a highly engaging (and free!) one-day NewsLitCamp, featuring breakout sessions with journalists. RSD2 educators can receive up to 7 renewal credits; other educators can apply for credit from their districts.  Register today at this link (it’s FREE!) to…


Alana Frick teaching Checkology in her classroom

Events in Chile put students’ news literacy skills to the test

Under normal circumstances, Alana Frick teaches NLP’s Checkology® virtual classroom as a stand-alone media literacy unit sometime between April and June. But circumstances have been anything but normal for the eighth-grade humanities teacher in Santiago, Chile. When public demonstrations engulfed the country in October, Frick and her colleagues at The International School Nido de Aguilas…


NLP in Newsweek column: Need to teach people to ‘resist misinformation’

In a Nov. 21 Newsweek column,”Facebook Won’t Save Us From Fake News. We Need to Teach People to Resist Misinformation | Opinion,” by Helen Lee Bouygues, founder of the Reboot Foundation, says of NLP: “There are some positive signs here in the United States. Several organizations, including Stony Brook University and the News Literacy Project,…

NLP in the News

NLP’s scope and initiatives featured in The Washington Post’s education blog

“If you don’t know what the News Literacy Project is and does, it’s time you do.” That’s how Valerie Strauss, who writes The Washington Post’s education blog, Answer Sheet, starts today’s post about NLP’s scope, reach and initiatives. “Fighting the misinformation pandemic: Here’s help teaching students to distinguish real news from what’s fake” introduces readers…

NLP in the News

Classroom Connection: Northwestern apology firestorm

Student journalists at The Daily Northwestern — the independent student-run news organization at Northwestern University — sparked intense national debate and criticism among professional journalists and others last week after they apologized in a Nov. 10 column for a series of actions taken by staff members while covering protests of a campus speech five days…


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