edWeb Webinar: “Teaching Disinformation in 2020: CIA Tips for Students and Educators”


Wednesday, October 14, 2020
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

In this virtual edWebinar on Oct. 14, join subject matter expert Peter Adams of the News Literacy Project and former CIA officer and author Cindy Otis for a conversation about the difference between misinformation and disinformation.

Register here for this free presentation at edWeb.

Learn how to tell if a bot or a troll is behind the online content you see and what to do about it. Plus, dive into the information landscape surrounding the 2020 elections and political campaigns. Along with highlighting resources, including the award-winning Checkology® virtual classroom, participants will learn strategies for honing news literacy skills using timely, real-world examples. Live attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a book giveaway of True or False by Cindy Otis. Come be a part of creating a “future founded on facts” for your students!


Please email any questions to Shaelynn Farnsworth (sfarnsworth@newslit.org) or Peter Adams (padams@newslit.org).

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