Classroom Activity: Is it “checkable”?

Grades: 4-6

This upper elementary lesson introduces the concepts of fact-based and opinion-based statements using a group activity (with accompanying slides) called “Two Facts and a Feeling.” In small groups, students examine sets of three statements and decide which two are fact-based and which one is opinion-based (a “feeling”). Use the flow chart included in this lesson to guide students through characteristics of facts versus opinions. Then, each group composes its own set of two facts and one opinion to share.

Finally, students read a grade-appropriate news article and complete a graphic organizer to identify fact-based and opinion-based statements in an assigned text.

Essential questions

  • How are facts and opinions different?
  • What characteristics separate facts from opinions?
  • How can you “prove” whether a fact-based statement is true or false?
  • Why is it important to be able to distinguish between facts and opinions?

This news literacy classroom lesson is suggested for grades 4-6.

Key terms

  • Fact
  • Opinion

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