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A roundup of the latest topics in news literacy and misinformation.

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False claims and AI-generated images of a sunburn competition recently circulated online. Learn how to avoid getting burned by misinformation in this NLP TikTok video:

A still of a TikTok video features AI-generated images of sunburned people outdoors and a label by the News Literacy Project that reads “Extreme sunburn competition?”
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Editorial independence is crucial.
Quality newsrooms have strict policies in place to protect their reporting from undue influences, including from advertisers and owners. In fact, many newsrooms even physically separate the advertising and news departments to reinforce the “firewall” between news decisions from business interests.

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Conspiracy theories about laser beams from outer space and a preplanned disaster resurfaced after the Hawaii wildfires. Climate change denialists pushed a doctored video of a TV weather map as “evidence” that meteorologists are exaggerating their forecasts. Check out more of the latest debunked rumors on NLP’s RumorGuard!

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