NewsLit Nation Insider: Gearing up for a News-Literate Summer

As many of you close out the school year, we at the News Literacy Project want to thank you for your efforts during such a tumultuous time. As my colleague, Miriam Romais, tweeted during NLP’s celebration last week honoring news literacy change-makers: “Here's a love letter to you, wrapped in a bow. You make the world better every day.” I couldn’t agree more. In recognition of their outstanding achievements in support of news literacy, NLP honored the recipients of its 2021 educator, journalist and students of the year awards during this live event. If you missed the inspiring evening, you can watch it here. Thank you for your commitment to integrating news literacy skills and concepts into your work and curriculum.  

And check out these upcoming offerings for a news-literate summer!

Summer School Made Easy
Does the possibility of teaching summer school stress you out? No worries, NLP has you covered. Your students can dive into our customized Checkology® courses, which are perfect for summer sessions. They are relevant, engaging and aligned to both the C3 Framework and CCSSELA. Students will learn how to identify credible information, seek out reliable sources and apply critical thinking skills to separate fact-based content from falsehoods. Toss your planning worries aside and use our  classroom-ready courses.

Resources For Upper Elementary Grades
We’re excited to announce the debut of new  upper elementary resources  designed to help students learn the difference between fact-based and opinion-based statements. The lessons include a fun slideshow activity, handy flowchart, graphic organizer and other materials tailored for grades 4-6. This material is part of a growing collection of resources for students in these grades. And be sure to check out our critical observation challenge involving Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Please share with your colleagues.

“TRUST ME” Documentary
Don’t forget, the  “TRUST ME”  documentary and classroom viewing guide are still available. The documentary delves into manipulation and misinformation by exploring human nature, information technology and how news and media literacy can engender trust. Use the password NLP-Teacher to access the film. Our classroom viewing guide helps you use the film as a teaching tool and can be adapted to your needs. You can find the registration link and more information on Page 7 of the viewing guide.

Best regards,
 Ebonee Rice, Vice President, Educator Network  
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