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Slow down and be skeptical, Adams tells New York Times readers

When consuming news and other information, slow down and be skeptical. That’s the advice NLP’s Peter Adams shares with the New York Times in the Oct. 14 article. How to Deal With a Crisis of Misinformation. “The No. 1 rule is to slow down, pause and ask yourself, ‘Am I sure enough about this that…

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Understanding COVID-19 data: Examining data behind racial disparities

This piece is part of a series, presented by our partner SAS, that explores the role of data in understanding the COVID-19 pandemic. SAS is a pioneer in the data management and analytics field. (Check out other posts in the series on our Get Smart About COVID-19 Misinformation page.) by Mary Osborne Are communities of…


All educators: NewsLitCamp® with The Texas Tribune

NewsLitCamp helps teachers & librarians develop expertise in news literacy, demystifying what distinguishes quality journalism from misinformation About this event NewsLitCamp is now nationwide! Join the News Literacy Project (NLP) and The Texas Tribune on Thursday, Dec. 10, for our first nationwide — and virtual — teacher-centered NewsLitCamp featuring breakout sessions with Texas Tribune journalists. This…


Generation Z voters susceptible to conspiratorial thinking

NLP’s Senior Vice President of Education Peter Adams discusses the cynicism of Generation Z voters in an Oct. 11 POLITICO article. “Trust in institutions is down across the board, but teens experience even more cynicism about institutions just as a function of their time of life. That can easily lend itself into falling into conspiratorial…

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Early news literacy ‘lessons’ benefit Washington Post reporter

When Shane Harris, an intelligence and national security reporter at The Washington Post, was in fourth grade in the mid-1980s, he received an informal introduction to news literacy. As part of his language arts and English class, Harris and his classmates spent a week learning how to read the newspaper. They started with the front…


Podcast The Playbook: David Meltzer features Miller

NLP’s founder and CEO  Alan C. Miller addresses news literacy on the podcast The Playbook: David Meltzer on Oct. 6. In Meltzer & McCourt Get Out and Vote Show #2 , Miller discusses the difficulties of navigating today’s complicated information landscape and how news literacy can help.    

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The Journalism Salute podcast speaks to Worland about NLP’s work

Darragh Worland, NLP’s vice president of creative services, speaks with Mark Simon, host of the podcast The Journalism Salute, about Becoming a Better News Consumer. In the Oct. 6 episode, Worland discusses NLP’s mission and work. She explains how students, educators and the public can use NLP’s Checkology® e-learning platform and other resources. She also…

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Worland’s Daily News piece discusses social media, news judgment

In the N.Y. Daily News, NLP’s Darragh Worland writes on how social media use has been shown to skew news judgment. The commentary, Don’t let social media spoil your news judgment: A guide to navigating our information jungle,  ran on Sept. 30. The piece also addresses how news consumers may be falsely confident about the…

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Rice: Education is solution to combating misinformation

Education is the solution to combating misinformation, NLP’s Ebonee Rice says on the Arlington, Va., radio show Choose to Be Curious. Her interview, The News Literacy Project, with Ebonee Rice, aired on Sept. 30. Host Lynn Borton asks, “With so much coming at us, how are we to tell fact from fiction, truth from fabrication?”…

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SLJ promotes news literacy webinars

School Library Journal (SLJ) led its Sept. 29 news section with a write-up promoting NLP’s upcoming webinar series. Professional Development Course on News Literacy describes the free, four-part series as a way to “hone your skills in helping students make sense of news and other types of information. Essential concepts for students to be reliably…

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Misinformation exploits our emotions, Silva tells media platform

NLP’s John Silva explains how misinformation exploits our emotions in the Sept. 29 article Fact or Fake? How to Help Kids & Adults Spot Misinformation Online on the website 30 Seconds. The media platform’s target audience is busy women, and particularly moms. “Misinformation manipulates our emotions into believing something is true,” Silva says. “If you…

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Datanami: SAS, NLP create data literacy quiz

Datanami, a news site that provides insight, analysis and information on big data, writes about the partnership between data firm SAS and NLP. The Sept. 29 article, Testing Data Literacy on Main Street,  focuses on data literacy quiz that NLP and SAS developed. The quiz allows the public to test their data literacy in news…

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