NLP’s Miller interviewed on C-SPAN

Alan Miller, founder and CEO of the News Literacy Project, was a featured guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Tuesday morning. He discussed misinformation, the upcoming midterm elections and NLP’s “Double-Check Your Facts” campaign, featuring The Easiest Quiz of All Time, and took calls from viewers.

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L.A. Times advises voters to ‘Double-Check Your Facts’

The political reporters at the Los Angeles Times wrap up their guide to the midterm elections with some timely advice: “And remember to do your homework ahead of time. As the educational nonprofit News Literacy Project reminds, double-check your facts before you vote.” They also feature the video of The Easiest Quiz of All Time.…

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NBC4 in Washington shows Checkology® in action

NBC4, the NBC station in Washington, D.C., broadcast a report on our Checkology virtual classroom and the students who use it at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia. They said that they get most of their news from social media, but, as one noted, “half of it’s probably lies.” Checkology, said teacher Patricia Hunt, “helps…

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The Malaysian Insight spreads the word about news literacy (and NLP)

Noel Achariam, a reporter for the online news portal The Malaysian Insight, talked with NLP’s Alan Miller during a recent visit to the United States (registration required). The rise in social media as a primary source for news has created a pathway for the spread of misinformation and disinformation, Miller said, because “there is no…

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Before you vote, double-check your facts

Election Day is just two weeks away — and in each election cycle, it gets more and more difficult for us to make informed decisions before casting our ballots. As political rhetoric tips toward misinformation frenzy, it’s increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction and truth from outright falsehoods. Russian troll farms, bots and other…

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K-12 Technology Newsletter features the Checkology® virtual classroom

Big Deal Media, which keeps track of the best educational resources available, featured NLP’s Checkology virtual classroom in the Oct. 15 issue of its K-12 Technology Newsletter, which is sent to an audience of more than 55,000 tech-savvy educators. The platform was described as “an immersive online learning hub where students in grades 6-12 can…

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National Association of Science Writers 2018 meeting

These days, communicating with young people about science is critical  — especially when the phrase “fake news” is often applied to scientific topics. Today’s tweens and teens are the next generation of voters; some could be casting their first ballots as soon as next month. To make good decisions, they will need both science literacy…


‘Practicing Quality Journalism’:  ¡Ahora en español!

We are diversifying our news literacy efforts in all sorts of new ways, and here’s one that’s truly exciting: One of the most popular lessons in our Checkology® virtual classroom is now available in Spanish! “Practicing Quality Journalism”/“Practicando el periodismo de calidad” is a game-like simulation in which students assume the role of rookie reporters…

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NLP talk at the Washington Foreign Press Center garners coverage in Nigeria

Nicholas Ibekwe was among 25 international journalists at the Foreign Press Center in Washington, D.C., last week, hearing from NLP founder and CEO Alan C. Miller. The group is on a two-week reporting tour sponsored by the U.S. State Department titled “Media Literacy and Combatting Misinformation.” Read Ibekwe’s report about how NLP is training future…

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New line of support for the News Literacy Project (and democracy)

I’m always pleased to announce new partners in news literacy, but this one is especially gratifying because it offers support in a distinctive way. The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company has shown generosity matched by creativity in pledging to give $20 to the News Literacy Project for every pair of shoes bought online from its new…

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