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Article on The Fulcrum touts Informable, NLP’s new app

An article by The Fulcrum, a nonpartisan digital news organization focused on strengthening American democracy, makes the case that students are not the only ones who need news literacy education. In the Nov. 25 piece, “Adults may need media literacy even more than students,” Eliza Newlin Carney touts NLP’s new brain training app Informable. The…

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Teens on devices

Study: Students show ‘troubling’ lack of news literacy skills

A new report from the Stanford History Education Group has found little change in high school students’ ability to evaluate information online since 2016, when SHEG researchers released the results of a similar study. This skill set — dubbed “civic online reasoning” by Stanford researchers — consists of the ability to recognize advertising, including branded…


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Why all students need news literacy

It’s a sad day when students at two highly regarded universities are unaware of how journalism is properly practiced. This lack of understanding extends to the First Amendment’s protections for speech, assembly and the press and shows how our middle schools and high schools must do a better job of preparing young people to understand…


Columbia educators: NewsLitCamp® with South Carolina Educational Television and Public Radio

Join the News Literacy Project (NLP), South Carolina ETV and Public Radio, and Richland School District Two for a highly engaging (and free!) one-day NewsLitCamp, featuring breakout sessions with journalists. RSD2 educators can receive up to 7 renewal credits; other educators can apply for credit from their districts.  Register today at this link (it’s FREE!) to…


Alana Frick teaching Checkology in her classroom

Events in Chile put students’ news literacy skills to the test

Under normal circumstances, Alana Frick teaches NLP’s Checkology® virtual classroom as a stand-alone media literacy unit sometime between April and June. But circumstances have been anything but normal for the eighth-grade humanities teacher in Santiago, Chile. When public demonstrations engulfed the country in October, Frick and her colleagues at The International School Nido de Aguilas…


NLP in Newsweek column: Need to teach people to ‘resist misinformation’

In a Nov. 21 Newsweek column,”Facebook Won’t Save Us From Fake News. We Need to Teach People to Resist Misinformation | Opinion,” by Helen Lee Bouygues, founder of the Reboot Foundation, says of NLP: “There are some positive signs here in the United States. Several organizations, including Stony Brook University and the News Literacy Project,…

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NLP’s scope and initiatives featured in The Washington Post’s education blog

“If you don’t know what the News Literacy Project is and does, it’s time you do.” That’s how Valerie Strauss, who writes The Washington Post’s education blog, Answer Sheet, starts today’s post about NLP’s scope, reach and initiatives. “Fighting the misinformation pandemic: Here’s help teaching students to distinguish real news from what’s fake” introduces readers…

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Classroom Connection: Northwestern apology firestorm

Student journalists at The Daily Northwestern — the independent student-run news organization at Northwestern University — sparked intense national debate and criticism among professional journalists and others last week after they apologized in a Nov. 10 column for a series of actions taken by staff members while covering protests of a campus speech five days…


Audrey Cooper

A look inside NLP’s NewsLitCamp® at the San Francisco Chronicle

EdSurge, an online news outlet that focuses on education technology, reported on NLP’s Nov. 14 NewsLitCamp at the San Francisco Chronicle. “Inside a News Literacy Camp, Where the Newsroom Becomes the Classroom” notes that the unique professional development format and setting of a NewsLitCamp allows the educators and journalists in attendance to learn from each other.…

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Reboot Foundation’s report notes NLP’s work

A new report from the Reboot Foundation, a Paris-based nonprofit supporting efforts that elevate critical thinking, notes the work of NLP and highlights our Checkology® virtual classroom as a news literacy resource. In Fighting Fake News: Lessons From The Information Wars, Helen Lee Bouygues, the foundation’s founder and president, examined existing literature, interviewed experts and conducted…

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Our first annual report reflects NLP’s considerable progress

By Greg McCaffery and Alan C. Miller We are gratified to note that we achieved or exceeded most of our goals for the first year across our programs, communications and finances and for our impact metrics with educators and students. In areas where we fell short, we are working to improve this year. Read the…


NLP’s Adams, on NPR podcast, offers advice on spotting misinformation

Peter Adams, NLP’s senior vice president of education, discussed our work and offered tips for spotting misinformation on the Oct. 31 episode of the NPR podcast Life Kit, hosted by Miles Parks (starting at 10:50). Adams explains how to spot misinformation shared by others and explores how people can recognize when they aren’t reacting objectively…

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